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Apart from having a working chimney, even an existing blocked-off stack is considered an integral part of your roof system. Connected with the main frame of the roof with the support of sealant or lead flashing, damage to the chimney can become the root cause of further severe damage to the remaining part of your roof as well as the upper floor of your property usually in the form of leakage and seepage.

In case you have a working chimney, consider the amount of heat your chimney has been continuously dealing with from the inside while fighting against the UK weather from the outside.

This leaves no surprise that the lead flashing or brickwork around your chimney can endure serious damage over time and can further lead to dislodging.  Chimney flashings have been the major concerns for a large number of property owners because it is the leading cause for massive internal damage of the chimney area including cracks, dislocation, and slipping of tiles or slates around the chimney area.

Chimney repairs are some of the most challenging roof repairs.  The chimney is a complicated feature of a roof that demands similarly complicated techniques for sealing and protection.  A number of service calls we receive at RM Contracts are associated with roof leakages caused due to chimney related damages.

For chimney repairs in Harrogate and surrounding towns, RM Contracts is the best choice.  We have more than 30 experience in chimney repairs.  We make sure to deliver high-grade professional services to our clients.  Our trained and skilled professionals can repair all kinds of chimneys regardless of any structural problems and internal damages.

For the efficient chimney repairs in Harrogate and surrounding towns, contact RM Contracts, your trusted local roofing and building partner.

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