GRP Flat Roofs Harrogate

A GRP roof or a flat roof is a fiberglass roof that has been identified as one of the most widely held flat roofing solutions, not just in Harrogate and its surrounding towns but all over the United Kingdom.

GRP is the short term for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is a compound substance created by fortifying of plastic with the use of fine glass fibres. Even though the widespread use of GRP roofs and flat roofs have been observed in recent years, the single ply laminated GRP has been used as a solid means of protecting and waterproofing roofs for more than 6 decades. It has been a preferred flat roofing material for both residential and commercial properties.

The installation of GRP roofs by RM Contracts is highly regarded for the simplicity and safety of flat roofs we offer. When it comes to installing a GRP flat roof, we start by boarding the roof area. Plastic edging trims are secured down a layer of fibreglass sheeting is applied on the top along with a layer of catalysed resin. Once dried, we apply a top coat of fireproof resin for full protection from harmful external factors and weatherproofing. This also offers a more attractive finishing to your GRP flat roof structure.

We offer custom made edge trims and drip trims to fit the edges of the roof and abutments prior to the application of GRP. A GRP flat roof can easily last for a minimum of 25 years without any significant wear and tear when installed by RM Contracts and maintained carefully.

If you are considering having a GRP Flat roof in Harrogate or its surrounding towns, contact RM Contracts now.

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